European Commission Announces “Full Engagement” in Agenda 21

December 16, 2013 by projectvenko

March 1, 2013 – Infowars

On February 27, the European Commission published a document announcing it will take on itself the “lead role” in global environmental governance through “a unified policy framework”- in effect aligning itself with Agenda 21.

In the 30-page document titled A Descent Life For All the EC says it aspires to a “leading role” in an “overarching framework” towards global governance. The commiszars profess to care about worldwide poverty, environmental degradation and other no-brainers, carefully handpicked by an elite-class prepared to use any and every pretext behind which power is being centralized at the international level at the expense of sovereignty at the national one.

“The world has undergone enormous change over recent years”, the document reads, “including major shifts in the global economic and political balance, increased global trade, climate change and depletion of natural resources, technological change, economic and financial crises, increased consumption and price volatility of food and energy consumption, population changes and migration, violence and armed conflict and natural and man-made disasters, and increased inequalities.”

Quite some parade of calamities the EU is willing to tackle. A lead role is what they work towards, the authors state- and the EC Commiszars are perfectly willing to “debate” their plans with the European (only in name) parliament. A few exceptions aside, this parliament consists of nodding, dozing- sometimes outright sleeping individuals who are there to approve the commission’s proposals and send their lunch-bills to the European taxpayer:

“The EU needs to engage fully in the forthcoming international processes with coherent and coordinated inputs at the UN and in other relevant fora. In this respect, the adoption of this Communication should be followed by a debate with Council and Parliament during the spring of 2013 for the development of a common EU approach for the next stages of the ongoing processes (…)”

As the documents lists these stages, we immediately recognize the “overarching framework” as a merging of regional blocks (such as the EU) with the United Nations and Agenda 21.

To name just a few of these goals:

– climate and energy package and low carbon roadmap for 2050
– 2030 climate and energy policy
– energy efficiency directive
– ongoing legislative proposals on emissions from cars and vans, as well as fluorinated GHG reduction

In my October 10 2012 article EU-Funded Group Outlines Draconian Population Control Scenarios For The Next Forty Years, I covered a document from 2010, funded by the EU and the World Wildlife Fund, titled Scenarios towards a One Planet Economy in Europe, in which several scenarios or “paths” are outlined towards a “one planet economy”. The “policy settings” mentioned within the document that are neatly in line with the endgame as formulated in Agenda 21, namely to redistribute wealth globally, “greening” the global economy and to stabilize (read: reduce) the global population. In addition, the authors of this document sketch out a scenario in which the EU will control education and media:

“In 2050”, the document reads, “Europeans are forced to adopt green lifestyle habits– for example, via bans on non-essential individual long distance travel. By this stage, air travel has long been too expensive for the majority of people. The state controls or heavily influences all available channels of education, media and marketing to spread this message to continually reinforce its adoption and mold perceptions of sustainability.”


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